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Ocean Origami - Sea Turtle 🐢

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Sea Turtles are usually summer visitors to our shores – drawn in by huge blooms of their favourite food: jellyfish! However, winter, spring, summer or autumn, this paper version will be more than happy to be welcomed into your home!

Join the Living Seas Team for Ocean Origami, and learn how to make your very own Sea Turtle. The best part? This one won’t nip!

Origami is, by definition, nice and simple. You probably already have everything you need lying around the house!

Our Bale Gallery:

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What will I need?

To make your Origami Sea Turtle, you will need:

  • 1 x piece of card or paper.
  • 1 x pen or pencil.
  • 1 x scissors.

⚠️ Please ensure you ask an adult for help when using the scissors ⚠️

How do I make my Origami Turtle?

You can learn how to make an Origami Sea Turtle, using our Step-by-Step visual Guide or our How to Video Guide:

Step-by-Step Guide

You can flick through our step-by-step visual guide, which also comes with captions to help you along the way!

Please note: if you are using coloured paper/card, you will want to begin with the coloured side facing downwards.

How to Video Guide

You can join our #LivingSeas Engagement Officer, Beth, in making your Origami Sea Turtle, by watching the video below:

We would recommend pausing the video, and re-watching sections where necessary!

Remember, every turtle in the ocean is unique – and so is yours! 💙

Fun Fact

You have eight seconds: Can you guess how heavy (kg) the largest leatherback turtle ever recorded was?!

Would it surprise you to know that this specimen was found at Harlech, North Wales!

How heavy (kg) was the largest leatherback turtle ever recorded?

Additional Resources

Want to take Ocean Origami out with you? Why not download our free step-by-step PDF!